Hello friends,

We are continuing to receive reports of local banks and national lending institutions turning churches and small nonprofits away. The SBA has clarified that churches and faith based nonprofits are eligible for PPP funds. Additionally, housing allowance is an eligible payroll expense and should be included.

If your church has been turned away or you’ve ran into Housing Allowance issues, I highly recommend contacting our friends at Divvy.


Divvy has already processed applications for thousands of churches across America. Due to volume, approvals are taking 3-5 business days, with funds disbursed 24hrs laters. After signing up, be sure to check your spam folder for the application.

Feeling behind? There is still time to apply. Though funds are limited, the Senate is currently debating an additional $250 billion for the PPP program. If you need help with your calculations, we’ve made the calculator our internal team uses available for purchase. Feel free to share this with the Small Business leaders in your church as they may be experiencing similar roadblocks.

PPP Calculator

What’s Next? Once you receive funding, it’s imperative that you keep detailed records of how the funds are used. Next week we will be releasing a full update on:

  • Best Practices for Maximum PPP Forgiveness (Webinar)
  • EIDL Grants – How to access an additional $10k
  • PPP Applications for Sole Proprietors & Contractors

Steve Chaney, CPA | Chaney & Associates